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Changzhou Intercamp Outdoor Appliance Technology Co., Ltd, was founded in 2007,a professional manufacturer of outdoor camping products, We focus on the design, development and production of outdoor integrated products. With utility innovation as our principal route, we center on green environmental protection, new material application, and fashionable novelty as the carrier to design outdoor camping products.Besides exporting to overseas market. We also provide two-way services to domestic market.
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Portable Camping Kitchen Supplier

Our Company Currently Possesses

Our company currently possesses outstanding production capabilities in sheet metal processing, laser cutting, mold processing, and automated welding. While meeting the basic processing needs for outdoor equipment, we also offer customized services to our customers. Presently, the company provides OEM and ODM services for domestic brands like Nuoke and Explore, while also catering to automotive manufacturing companies such as Geely, BYD, and Jike offering trunk rack product processing services.
Alongside our fundamental production capabilities, we have further enhanced our product design capacity. Our company boasts a professional 3D design team servicing over 15 outdoor equipment and automotive brand enterprises. We have engaged in over 30 domestic and international specialized design projects, resulting in approximately 60 patents encompassing invention, utility model, and design patents. Our continuous innovation in outdoor products remains ever dynamic.

We warmly welcome friends from around the globe to visit our factory, engaging in technical discussions and exchanges regarding product production, research, and manufacturing. Let's explore new products, open up new channels, win new markets, progress together, and collectively create a brighter future.

Some Key Moments In EATCAMP's Growth

Over the past 16+ years, we have built our company into a camping products juggernaut. Scroll through our history to see some of our corporate highlights.
  • 2007
    • Establishment:
      Founded in 2007, mainly engaged in the importing and exporting business, business scope covers more than 100 countries and regions.
  • 2015
    • Reform:
      In 2015, we reconstituted and established Changzhou Intercamp Outdoor Appliance Technology Co., Ltd which officially entered the outdoor products field.
  • 2017
    • EC Original:
      In order to meet the customer’s requirements, a new and exclusive patent design of an outdoor portable kitchen box was originally designed and manufactured in November 2017 and is defined as Eat Camp original.
  • 2021
    • Eat-Camp 2.0:
      As living standards and the concept of consumption, further upgrades the product to meet customer’s requirements, it is named as EC 2.0



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Portable Camping Kitchen

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