Things to note when camping overnight
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Things to note when camping overnight

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Things to note when camping overnight
1. Campsite selection
① It is recommended to choose a flat ground with higher terrain. Low-lying areas are prone to waterlogging

② Newbies should try to choose a safe and mature campsite, and avoid remote areas with poor signals

2. Warmth tips

The temperature difference in the suburbs is large, especially at the seaside, so check the weather forecast in advance. It is best to wear long sleeves and long pants in the wild at night to prevent cold and mosquito bites, and prepare suitable clothes and blankets

3. Food and water should be prepared

Bring enough clean drinking water and easy-to-store food to ensure our energy supply.

4. Safety tips
① Bring some outdoor first aid supplies, such as iodine tincture, band-aids, etc., to avoid bumps and falls
② Bring some self-defense tools, just in case
③ If you go camping in the wild, it is recommended to prepare a tent lock. Lock the tent when you sleep at night or go out, which can increase your sense of security. It is best to put all valuables in the tent.
④ Make sure there are enough lamps, at least to ensure a full night of endurance. It is best to have a lamp that can be hung and put on the tent or on the table.

⑤ If you are in the wild, you can prepare some snake repellent powder and sprinkle it around the tent to repel snakes, insects, rats, ants, etc. Remember to prepare mosquito repellent water and mosquito coils.


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