Quality Control of SMC Countertops in Outdoor Kitchen Production
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Quality Control of SMC Countertops in Outdoor Kitchen Production

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Quality Control of SMC Countertops in Outdoor Kitchen Production


During the production of outdoor mobile kitchens, we encountered various challenges in ensuring the quality of SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) countertops. Despite selecting SMC for its outstanding fire resistance and waterproof properties, issues such as cracking along the edges and minor surface texture peeling arose during initial testing of molds.

To address these concerns, several adjustments were made throughout the production process. Firstly, meticulous temperature control of the molds proved pivotal. By fine-tuning the temperatures, we optimized the flow rate of SMC raw materials, ensuring both product integrity and surface finish met our stringent standards. After extensive experimentation, we settled on mold temperatures of 158 degrees for the upper mold and 152 degrees for the lower mold, achieving optimal surface accuracy and bubble control.

Additionally, we carefully calibrated the clearance between the upper and lower molds to precisely 2 millimeters. This thickness strike the delicate balance between weight and strength, crucial for the durability of our countertops. However, despite thorough theoretical and sample testing, we encountered unexpected edge cracking over time. Upon investigation, we identified raw material composition, particularly the ratio of polyester and glass fiber, as a contributing factor.

Furthermore, we recognized the significance of demolding speed in maintaining product integrity. Excessive speed led to deformations and increased the likelihood of cracking, especially in thinner sections. Adjustments were made to ensure a controlled demolding process, mitigating these risks.

Despite encountering initial challenges, our commitment to quality remained unwavering. Acknowledging feedback from customers, particularly those in regions with lower temperatures, we implemented targeted improvements. Through six months of rigorous adjustments to molds, raw materials, and production processes, we successfully enhanced product quality.

In conclusion, our journey to ensure the perfection of SMC countertops underscored the importance of continuous refinement and responsiveness to customer feedback. It is through these efforts that we uphold our commitment to delivering excellence in outdoor kitchen solutions.


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