Three Major Trends in The Sports And Outdoor Industry Reveal New Industry Tracks
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Three Major Trends in The Sports And Outdoor Industry Reveal New Industry Tracks

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According to the "23AW Sports Outdoor Industry Trend White Paper" jointly released by Taobao Tmall Sports Outdoor, TMIC and China Business Data Center (CBNData) in 2023, focusing on the current status and consumption trends of the sports outdoor industry, based on Tmall TMIC data, CBNData consumer survey data analyzes and explores the development status and future trends of the sports and outdoor industry.

First, national enthusiasm has ignited a consumption boom, and the rise of pan-sports scenes and niche categories has accelerated.

Under this craze of national sports, the types of outdoor sports are constantly expanding and enriching. On the one hand, outdoor sports represented by camping, cycling, and urban hiking continue to be out of the circle. Their natural advantages such as short distances and closeness to nature make them a popular choice for the public, with a population penetration rate as high as 80.7%. On the other hand, for sports and outdoor enthusiasts with certain professional skills and physical fitness, basic footwear and equipment can no longer meet their professional sports needs, so they are paying more and more attention to the upgrade of product technology and the use of products in segmented scenarios. Diversified functions. At the same time, some outdoor subdivision scenes, such as river tracing, lure hunting, camping, etc., are entering the public eye.

Second, camping, fishing, cycling, and skiing are the four major outdoor segmented scenes that have given rise to a new blue ocean.

The frequency of public outdoor sports has increased. Camping, fishing, cycling, and skiing have been promoted to the "four new outdoor sports treasures", and related equipment has continued to be subdivided and grown rapidly. Taking camping as an example, not only are basic equipment such as trekking poles, sleeping bags, hiking tents, moisture-proof mats, lightweight cooking pots, and lighting growing significantly, but the demand for specialized and segmented equipment is growing faster. For example, more and more novices are trying lightweight but overnight camping, which has led to booming sales of categories such as canopies and folding tables and chairs. At the same time, advanced consumers are pursuing equipment with stronger functions and better experience, and refined camping is promoting multi-functional camping. Lamps, self-inflating mattresses and other equipment usher in new growth points.

Third, technology application promotes category innovation.

Focusing on professional needs, many "high-end" equipment parties have emerged in sports and outdoor sports, while mass sports emphasize more on technological specialization. According to TMIC survey data, functional technology is the core element for consumers to purchase sports and outdoor products. Among them, consumers are most concerned about using technological innovation to improve sports performance and enhance protection. In terms of comfort, consumers are more concerned about the breathability and perspiration properties of products. In addition, products with high portability are more likely to be favored by consumers.

As various trendy sports move from the niche to the masses, and residents' fitness needs are released, it is foreseeable that the sports and outdoor craze will continue to become a consumer trend, and related series of products will also usher in more opportunities.

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